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Richard Hart rich at harts.mv.com
Thu Oct 27 08:16:55 PDT 2011

A tagline like, "Come dance with your friends" might work, especially if you can put it on a poster that you give to a few of those college students to post on college walls, and to act as contacts for spreading the word.

Martha Edwards remarked on 10/27/2011 10:49 AM:
> How right you are, Mary!  Our "messaging" could use a lot of work. We have a
> fabulous overall message to deliver - community, civility, enjoyment,
> exercise, friendliness - if all human endeavors had the mores and customs of
> many of our dance organizations, we'd have a great world to live in. But
> it's not a succinct marketing message.
> Spider and others succeeded with her "Ants Pants Contradance - easy dancing
> to live music" but I agree, it would be good to work a bit on finding a
> clear, memorable, great tagline. At my company, Extra Mile Design, we often
> work with a wonderful woman, Nancy Schwartz, who is a wizard at helping
> people find that message. She runs a tagline contest every year. I think one
> is coming up. We should, collectively, try to come up with a worthy entry.
> Check it out:
> http://nonprofitmarketingtraining.com/programs-workshops/tagline-focus-project/
> M
> E
> On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 9:17 PM, Mary Collins<nativedae at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Great ideas guys, I'll check out the CDSS information, most of this is
>> stuff
>> we've heard before and holding a dance on campus is a bit more than we can
>> handle.  the sites are great and so are the suggestions, but I really am
>> looking for a "hook" on a poster...like Michale Ludgate's "Support Live
>> Music, Go Contra Dancing"...but I'm not sure that will work either.  I've
>> seen "turn off the TV...dance!"  A night of aerobics... and some other
>> things, that's really what I'm looking for.  Trying to hold dances on
>> campus
>> is great, but you need to have a person or group on campus that will
>> sponsor
>> the dance etc, and that's almost  like starting a whole new dance series
>> (dont' really have time or resources to do this), our dance is readily
>> excessible to almost all the campuses that have dorms, most of the colleges
>> are "comuter" colleges with day campuses and some of them (mostly in the
>> city or what is considered the city) have campus housing.  All are on bus
>> routes and our dance is in the heart of the "cool" section of town.  Most
>> young adults know about our area and the shops restaurants and bars.
>> So, as you see, it's not so much getting individuals to view contra dancing
>> or host a dance but just to get the option out there, visible, so that some
>> might try it and help spread the word.
>> And then, I need an artist to create the poster.....
>> Thanks again guys!
>> Mary Collins
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