Amy Cann acann at putneyschool.org
Wed Oct 12 19:42:43 PDT 2011

Hi folks - I'm down to the wire and resorting to desperate tactics. *PLEASE
PASS THIS ON. Send it to your entire dance-booking email list if you can.*

The Putney School - venerable, progressive, historic, selective, visionary,
but not always clue-ful prep school - decided a few days ago it would be
REALLY COOL to have a dance THIS SATURDAY NIGHT OCTOBER 15 as the kickoff to
the big Harvest Festival /parents/alumni weekend, here in Putney, Vermont.

They have been warned that booking a band/caller on one week's notice is
difficult and likely to be expensive. I have a certain amount of flexibility
with money.

The dance will run from 8:ish to 10:00. Sound system provided.

I can call or play fiddle or piano, at this point I don't care which. I just
need two people.

There are 10 student fiddlers and a dozen mixed
tinwhistle/guitar/mandolin/irish harp players on campus and about 20 VERY
enthusiastic contradancers who are thrilled that we're having a dance right
here , so the student body of 200 will be well seeded with supportive folks.

If you're traveling I've got a guest room, and dinner at the school will be
excellent. The Harvest Fest next day is a lot of fun too, and I'll lend you
my kayak if you want to get out on the river.

This is a bright crowd. The kids are smart and responsive, the alumni all
danced under Ralph Page.

Expect to do one longways and one haste-to-the-wedding type, then "real"
contras. Other formations welcome.


(does anyone have Fred Breunig's current phone number?)

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