[Callers] Dare to be Square in Brasstown Nov. 18-20

Suzanne Girardot suzanneg at wolfenet.com
Tue Oct 11 17:50:59 PDT 2011

   Hello all,

   I am trying to find a ride from Asheville, NC to Brasstown, NC for the
   Dare to be Square weekend in November. Sherry Nevins and I are coming
   from Seattle and visiting in Asheville before heading over to
   Brasstown, and would love to carpool.  I have tried a lot of different
   tactics to find out who might be attending from the Asheville area
   (Phil Jamison, Diane Silver, nor Beth Molaro haven't been able to help)
   and the Folk School is unable to share a list of participants.

   If you know of other Asheville folks heading that way, please let me
   know! Thanks very much,

   Suzanne Girardot


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