[Callers] The Beginners' Lesson Tips?

Chrissy Fowler ktaadn_me at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 8 11:40:50 PDT 2011

Regarding David Millstone's comments:  Same here on all of the below.  
Also, while I won't speak for them, I can imagine many other well-respected callers besides David have similar thoughts on the topic, including at least 4 I can think of off the top of my head.
Chrissy Fowler
Belfast, Maine

> I include a mixer at nearly all  
> of my home dances, typically the third dance of the evening. 
> I love mixers, as a dancer. It's an opportunity to see who's in the hall. It's  
> a chance to dance, briefly, with folks I don't know. 
> And as a caller, I love calling them, to provide all of those opportunities, and  
> for other reasons. I don't run most mixers for very long, perhaps 8-10 times,  
> depending on the dance. That means that I'm adding one more dance into the mix,  
> inthe course of which everyone is getting that many opportunities to dance with  
> a different partner. Mixers also come in many shapes: big circle, Sicilian circle,  
> scatter promenades, three person lines, and so on. That also allows me to vary  
> the look and feel of the floor so that it's not all contra contra contra, and  
> since the dance floor is part of life, I do believe that variety adds spice.
> David Millstone
> Lebanon, NH

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