[Callers] The Beginners' Lesson Tips?

Martha Edwards meedwards at westendweb.com
Wed Oct 5 06:13:21 PDT 2011


So I guess it's good that I always forget when this caller is calling to be
sure I don't ask newcomers to dance during the early part of the evening...


> This is a good example of how implicit messages can override explicit ones.
> By assuming that all or most first-timers will insist on dancing with other
> newcomers the caller is selecting a strategy that discourages the regulars
> from putting out the effort to partner with newcomers.  It becomes a
> self-fulfilling prophesy.  This is how bad choices become traditions.
> It is almost always better to address the core attitudes and beliefs than
> to
> attempt to "trick" the dancers into doing the right thing.
> - Greg McKenzie
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