[Callers] easy ONS dances where partner is kept?

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Tina wrote:

> Hi o esteemed community of callers -

> I'm going to call a big father-daughter dance for the Girl Scouts next month.
> (It's called "Me and My Cowboy; how cute is that?!) In preparing, I realize that
> most of the supremely easy dances I know are mixers. While this is usually
> great, these girls are likely not going to want to partner up with other girls'
> dads, but instead keep their own dad. They'll also enjoy partnering with each
> other, especially for the goofier dances.

> But I still seek delightful and very easy ONS dances wherein the dancers keep
> their partners.

> I already have a lot of galloping longways set dances like Galopede, Weaver's
> Galopede, Four Around Four, & White Mountain Reel. I also have Do-Si-Three
> (thanks, Linda Leslie!) and Jefferson & Liberty. I mostly seek a variety of
> calmer (but still fun) ones so the dads can rest up a bit while still dancing,
> and a couple of circle dances that aren't mixers, if they exist. A few more easy
> Sicilians would also be welcome.

> Do your repertoires include these? What are your favorites? Will you share?

My go-to Sicilians - which you may well already have -

Haste to the Wedding
[Sicilian Circle)
[Greatly benefits from the name tune]

A1: Circle left, Circle right
A2: RH *, LH *
B1: Neighbors back-to-back, clap, clap, turn 2 hands once round.
B2: Partners back-to-back, clap, clap, pass through.

Spanish Waltz
(Any waltz with nice 4-bar phrases)
[Sicilian Circle]

Note: In A1&A2, men use only right hand; women use only left hand

A1: 1-2: Holding *that* hand with partner, waltz-balance fwd&back to 
    3-4: Givin that hand to neighbor, woman turns under to change
         places; both finish facing partner.
    5-8: Repeat above with partner

A2: 1-8: Repeat to home place.

B1: 1-4: RH*
    5-8: LH*

B2: (this can depend greatly on the group.  I like coming out of the LH star
    with partners holding left hands and gents stepping up to partner's right
    hand behind, then waltz-promenading (men's left shoulders closest to 
    each other) 1.5 to meet a new couple.  

    A group that can all waltz can waltz around; a group that can't manage 
    the promenade can do forward two waltz steps, back two waltz steps, 
    pass thorough and bow to a new couple.

Sicilian Circle ("As for Spanish Dance")
32-bar reel.

My reconstruction (which is pretty much everybody else's reconstruction)

A1: 1-4: Forward and back
    5-8: Opposites turn two hands (no progression)

A2: 1-4: Partners balance 
    5-8: Partners turn (could swing if wanted)

B1: 1-8: Ladies chain over and back

B2: 1-8: Forward and back, forward and pass through.

Original text:
All forward and back, swing the opposite-all balance to partners and
turn-ladies chain-forward and back, forward and cross to face the next couple.


Non-gallopy whole set longways:

UP THE SIDES AND DOWN THE MIDDLE (CDM, own tune or any bright jig)

Long set for four to six couples.

A1: Step-swing balance in lines twice; cross over with polka step.

A2: Repeat to places

B1: (Reel time) 1s down the middle (walking, 8 bars) while 2s lead a single
    cast (polka step) down, then up through the 1s moving arch.

B2: Swing partners.

(Repeat until 1s at top again).

[Also the own tune has a jig part and a reel part, you really don't have to
worry about that.  Experiment shows this works fine with old-timey reels.  If
you're tired, you can just do the whole thing walking and it still works.]

Let us know how it goes!

-- Alan

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