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Please clarify where your buddy is supposed to be. Thanks.

Keith Tuxhorn
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On Sun, Jun 26, 2011 at 11:28 PM, Thomas J Senior
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>   A while ago, i was intending to call a 4x4 (The Warm Up) at our
> local dance, the Chicago Barn Dance, but thought it might be nice to
> use a dance that accomplished the same thing (swinging both opposites
> during the sequence) but not using the star or a hey.  Another idea to
> incorporate was the give and take, which seemed a good move for the
> standard introductory figure of many 4x4s.  What i came up with is
> called Villa Olivia (where i wrote the dance):
> Villa Olivia
>   4x4     Tom Senior           note "buddy" in your line of 4, (same
> gender person) and the direction you face.
> A1.  Lines go forward, Men draw opposite back to swing  (Give and
> Take), end the swing facing your buddy across the line of direction of
> the dance.
> A2.  Make and ring, balance, twirl right one place (as in petronella),
> swing opposite #2.  End facing across to your buddy.
> B1.  Right and left across, ladies chain 1/2, turning to end facing
> partner. (in the direction of progression)
> B2.  Lines go forwrd, Women draw partner back to swing.  End swing
> facing original direction.
> Perhaps you may find this useful.
> Tom
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