[Callers] Caller Fees

Keith Tuxhorn keithlmt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 21:24:09 PDT 2011

In Austin, TX, the caller and each musician get a base of 30 dollars. We
have a formula for paying travel fees, depending on how far someone comes if
they're from out of town. The sound man is paid 75.

After the basic monthly costs are paid, if there are any profits, the dance
organization first takes 50 for themselves. Anything left over is divided
equally among the band members, caller, sound person, and dance

Hall rent for our two monthly dances is 230 and 275. We charge 9 for
admission to these. The room for our weekly Wednesday dance is given free by
the park district, and the band and callers volunteer, so it's free
admission... Our ECD hall costs 62.50, and we charge 6 for admission. We use
recorded music, and callers aren't paid.

Attendance at our big contras is around 60 on the low end, 90 on the high.
Wednesday dances have 35-40 people. ECDs have around 25 people.

Keith Tuxhorn
Austin, TX

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