[Callers] Caller Fees

Jeff Kaufman jeff at alum.swarthmore.edu
Mon Jun 20 05:10:39 PDT 2011

Sue Robishaw wrote:
>     I know that "it varies" and probably quite widely, but I'm trying to 
>     get an idea of what is typically charged for one-time or semi-regular 
>     dance calling (not the high end festivals and balls and camps) or how 
>     receipts are divided between caller, band, and house. My interest is as 
>     caller, band, and dance organizer so all input would be appreciated. 

At the BIDA dance in cambridge ma, our payment structure is:

  Each band member and the caller is guaranteed $75 plus $25 if they
  traveled a long way.  After that we pay expenses (rent, insurance,
  ...) and the sound person ($75, which includes them brinign their
  own equipment.  Any remaining money is split up so each of the
  performers and bida get equal shares.

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