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Here are the terms and conditions for the Friday Night dance at Glen

Regards - Michael Barraclough


Glen Echo Park is at 7300 MacArthur Boulevard, Glen Echo, Maryland.
Directions and maps may be found on our website

The dance is usually held in the Spanish Ballroom. However, on some
occasions, the dance will be in the adjacent Bumper Car Pavilion; there
may not be time to inform you that the Bumper Car Pavilion will be

It is possible to drive vehicles to an adjacent entrance to the Spanish
Ballroom and Bumper Car Pavilion.  If you do so, you are required to
remove your car from the Park and to park in either of the adjacent
parking lots after unloading.


Access is available from 7:00 PM and you should arrive no later than
7:45 PM and be ready for a final sound check at 8:15 PM.  Please arrive
earlier if you have special needs or require additional set-up time.  It
is not possible to sound check between 7.30pm and 8.15pm as the
pre-dance lesson takes place then. 


The dance starts at 8:30 PM and ends at 11:30 PM with a 15 minute break
about 10:00 PM.  It is customary, but not required, that the second half
of the dance begins with a couples' dance (hambo, schottische, tango,
etc.).  It is also customary that both halves end with a waltz.


The Early Manager will introduce you at the beginning of the evening and
make a few remarks regarding fire exits, water fountains and the need to
look after the dance floor by not "stomping" and by keeping away from
the "center line".  The main announcement time precedes the last called
dance before the break when the Early Manager will introduce the
performers more fully, thank all those involved with the dance and, if
applicable, advertise any goods you have for sale.  If you have CDs for
sale it is likely that FND will purchase one of these for giving to a
random dancer at this point.  The Early Manager is followed by any other
brief local contra-related announcements.


You are permitted to sell CDs and tapes (but not T-shirts or other
clothing) during the dance.  The Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and
Culture (GEPPAC) charges a fee of 20% on all product sales.  Currently,
FND pays this charge for the band. The number of CDs and any other
approved sales merchandise must be recorded by the GEPPAC Hall Manager
with a pre-inventory count and a post-inventory count. These numbers
must be verified by the Hall Manager; the GEPPAC Hall Manager must sign
off on the inventory before sales start and after sales stop.


Please bring blank cassette tapes if you want the sound engineer to
record the performance through the sound system.  No one is permitted to
record the performance without explicit consent from both the band and
the caller.


Since Feb 2009, we pay bands 35 percent  and callers 10 percent of our
admission gate.  Bands are guaranteed a minimum of $100 per musician for
bands with 4 or fewer musicians.  For bands with 5 or more members, the
band as a whole is guaranteed a minimum of $400.  Callers are guaranteed
a minimum of $100.  Unless stated otherwise on your contract, we charge
$9 per admission, and lately our dances have been averaging about
250-300 dancers.  

Payment will be made by the Late Manager in cash at the end of the
dance.  At this time we will ask for each person's full name and social
security number, which we need in order to comply with an IRS
requirement to file a Form 1099 for everyone who is paid $600 or more in
a calendar year, as well as an acknowledgement of receipt of payment.
FND may withhold from any amounts payable under this agreement such
federal, state, local and other taxes as may be required to be withheld
under any applicable law or regulation.  (Under current law, withholding
may be required in the case of non-resident aliens under certain


FND will make a good faith attempt to see that a scheduled dance takes
place.  Likewise, we expect scheduled performers to make their best
efforts to perform.  If the dance is canceled because the National Park
Service closes the Park due to weather or for some other reason within 1
day of the scheduled dance, we will offer the band and caller their
choice of either the guaranteed minimum payment or first priority for
any available dance date.  If the dance is canceled 2 to 30 days prior
to the scheduled dance, we will offer the band and caller 50% of the
guaranteed minimum payment or first priority for any available dance
date.  We also reserve the right to cancel a scheduled dance, due to
unforeseen circumstances, more than 30 days prior to the event without
compensation (this has never happened!).

Glen Echo Park may close in the event of severe weather, especially in
the winter months.  If the Park is closed, the dance is canceled.  In
the event of severe weather, please call the Glen Echo Park events
hot-line at 301-320-2330 to determine whether the Park is closed. 


The Glen Echo Park office (GEPPAC) is open 10-6 at 301-320-7757. If you
have a last minute emergency and must contact someone after that on the
night of your performance, please call

      * Michael Barraclough (bands) 703 992-0752 (h) or 202-957-1142 (c
        - do NOT leave a message or text me)
      * Vicki North (callers) 202-332-5092 (h) or 202-905-9027 (c)
      * Harley Frazis (FND president) at 301.652.1370 (h) or


Should one or more members of the band be unable to perform due to
illness or otherwise, you must notify the FND Booking Committee
(fndgigs at petml.com) as soon as possible and provide suggestions for an
appropriate substitute.  FND reserves the right to decide if the
substitute(s) is (are) acceptable and, if not, whether this agreement
shall remain in effect. 


Should you need housing, please notify us at least a month in advance,
and list any special needs.  We will try to arrange for you to stay with
local dancers.  We do not pay for hotel stays.


FND will provide the band with sound reinforcement at the performance.
We do not generally allow bands and callers to use their own equipment
(except for wireless microphones). Please fill out the tech sheet on the
following page for our records. 

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