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Chris Lahey clahey at clahey.net
Thu Jun 30 08:36:40 PDT 2011

How does this feel on the floor?  Have you diagrammed this on a grid?
It seems to me that you'd have spacing trouble since the beginning of
the dance is a 4x4, but the orientation at the end of A1 is
essentially a contra dance.

This is partially solved by all the give & takes, since you have to
walk forward and back, but I would be somewhat worried by people being
far apart right before the Petronella.  Perhaps yet another Give &
Take would work here?

Now that I think about it some more though, it seems like swing
followed by down the hall would have similar problems, but it always
seems to be fine, so maybe the grid differences are close enough that
the formation naturally "breathes."

I want to dance this now so I can see if my guesses are accurate.

On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 00:28, Thomas J Senior <thomasjsenior at gmail.com> wrote:
>   A while ago, i was intending to call a 4x4 (The Warm Up) at our
> local dance, the Chicago Barn Dance, but thought it might be nice to
> use a dance that accomplished the same thing (swinging both opposites
> during the sequence) but not using the star or a hey.  Another idea to
> incorporate was the give and take, which seemed a good move for the
> standard introductory figure of many 4x4s.  What i came up with is
> called Villa Olivia (where i wrote the dance):
> Villa Olivia
>   4x4     Tom Senior           note "buddy" in your line of 4, (same
> gender person) and the direction you face.
> A1.  Lines go forward, Men draw opposite back to swing  (Give and
> Take), end the swing facing your buddy across the line of direction of
> the dance.
> A2.  Make and ring, balance, twirl right one place (as in petronella),
> swing opposite #2.  End facing across to your buddy.
> B1.  Right and left across, ladies chain 1/2, turning to end facing
> partner. (in the direction of progression)
> B2.  Lines go forwrd, Women draw partner back to swing.  End swing
> facing original direction.
> Perhaps you may find this useful.
> Tom
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