[Callers] Callers Fees

Sue Robishaw sue at manytracks.com
Wed Jun 29 08:29:12 PDT 2011

   The sharing of info on this thread has been great, and certainly helped
   me a lot (and I know I'm not alone here). Thanks so much to all. My
   calling experience has been more in the free or food paying level, and
   when playing in a dance band for a new dance series we've been paid
   $10-15 each from the proceeds of the Swing Dance night since the
   contra/square night hasn't made enough money yet. So I'm happy to hear
   others are paid sometimes and will aim to that goal in our own series.
   If anyone has any input for ONS gigs that would be nice, too.
   On a different level than the ongoing series, an annual week-end
   traditional music festival in the region may pay festival callers
   $200-250 for part of the Friday night dance plus one or two hour long
   workshops during the weekend. Plus they get free admission and meals.
   It varies a lot because the bands and callers are usually also
   contracted for other performances at the festival. There have been in
   the past a few single dance events where the caller was paid $50-75.
   Bands may be paid $200-500.

       Summer cheers,
           Sue Robishaw

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