[Callers] fees

Tom Hinds twhinds at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 19 13:58:43 PDT 2011

My experience is that fees range greatly depending on how wealthy the  
hiring party is.   Here's some example that come to mind.

Weddings:  some folks expect to pay big bucks for big events.  It's  
not uncommon in the DC area for example, for bands and callers to  
receive $200-300 or more a person (caller plus 4 musicians).  Of  
course not all families are loaded and will pay much less.  Sometimes  
they'll ask for a caller and recorded music or a smaller band.

The size of a church can vary.  Large churches can pay more than the  
smaller ones.    This also goes for private schools as well.  Some  
private schools can afford a great deal and other can't.  My  
experience is that it's typical for these kinds of gigs to pay around  
$100 per person for a caller and 2-4 musicians depending.....

At some regular dance series it's usual for organizers to pay the  
caller and band members the same fee up to a point.  The money  
collected wouldn't be divided equally between the caller and 10  
musicians.  That would be unfair to the caller.  At the dances  
outside of the big cities where I call. it's typical to get paid $50- 
$75 per person depending on attendance.


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