[Callers] Caller Fees

Dan Pearl daniel_pearl at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 19 09:50:05 PDT 2011


I chair the Thursday Night Dance Committee of NEFFA, which runs a weekly dance 
at the Concord Scout House, in Massachusetts. I would characterize our pay as 
good. Here are the basics:

1. We expect equal shares for all performers (musicians/callers).  In only very 
unusual circumstances will we pay different amounts.
2. Guarantee (per performer) is dependent on # of performers. 3 => $155; 4 => 
$145; 5 => $125; 6 => $104; 7 => $89.
3. Performers who travel a distance (say over 1 hour) to get to the dance get 
$15 extra.
4. Bonus *is* dependent on attendance. We assume that if people came out in 
droves to dance, the performers probably had something to do with it, and they 
should be rewarded.  For a well-attended night, it is not unusual for performers 
to make around $200 each. For an exceptionally well-attended night, they might 
make $300 each.

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