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In St Louis we have a fixed payment schedule we use for each event.  We run several different programs, but each program has a fixed pay plan.  We do add a bit to cover costs of travel for visiting artists.  It is not at all tied to the receipts for that night.  We don't feel it is fair to penalize bands or callers because of attendance situations that are beyond their control.

We make up any losses from grants, fund raising events and some donations.

If you want more details - you can contact me directly.

Mac McKeever

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    I know that "it varies" and probably quite widely, but I'm trying to get an idea of what is typically charged for one-time or semi-regular dance calling (not the high end festivals and balls and camps) or how receipts are divided between caller, band, and house. My interest is as caller, band, and dance organizer so all input would be appreciated. You can reply off-list to sue at manytracks.com.
    Sue Robishaw, Upper Peninsula of Michigan
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