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This is a note I wrote and posted a while back on my experience with my

As far as I¹m concerned, if you can afford it, the way to go is with a
Countryman E6, and specifically the E6i which is the directional model vs
the omni-directional one. The E6 is not cheap, generally $300-350 for the
mike and a spare cable, you still have to buy the body pack and transceiver
(I got a used Shure PGX with carrying case on ebay).  These are the same
mikes that are used in Broadway shows and by many performers, church pastors
and choir soloists, etc. One or two people I¹ve seen use the big Shure
headsets that come with the PGX kits, and I¹m sure they are adequate, but I
like the fact that the Countryman is almost invisible and the quality is
such that people have literally said to me ³it¹s like you are standing right
next to me².

I purchased mine from CCI Solutions (http://ccisolutions.com ­ Jeff Brown
was my rep) a place that supplies lots of churches. Their prices on
Countryman mikes are about $50 less than anyone else because they were the
very first Countryman dealer. They also include an extra cable which is
normally $50 extra.

I tried both an the Omni (E6) and directional (E6i) versions before going
with the latter. Jeff at CCI told me that they sell 100 omnis for each
direction they sell, but that he agreed with my reasoning and experience
that because as  caller I would be standing very close to (or sometimes in
front of) the mains that the directional would be better than the omni. And,
in fact, experience has found that to be true.

I can be almost directly in front of the mains doing a demo and get no
feedback unless I turn at precisely the wrong angle. With an omni, the
chances of getting feedback from multiple angles is MUCH higher. The caveat
is that placement of the directional mike at the corner of your mouth is
critical. You need to follow the detailed directions so the clip fits your
ear well - both snug and comfortable - and so that the pickup is right at
the corner of your mouth and not wiggling around. Not hard to do and once
you've got it set it should stay that way.


on 7/16/11 5:30 PM, JoLaine Jones-Pokorney at jolaine at gmail.com wrote:

> Hi all - I'm considering a wireless headset mic.  It sure would be nice to
> have hands free when demonstrating, teaching the introductory workshop.  But
> I don't see many callers using them.  Is there a downside to this that I'm
> not seeing, or is it just the expense?  And if someone could recommend a
> good one, I would appreciate it as I know NOTHING.  Our local sound guy has
> recommended the SHURE brand, but doesn't know a specific model number.
> Also, what are your thoughts about using a monitor?  We have a visiting
> caller that SCREAMS into the mic and it was suggested that if he had a
> monitor, he might not do that.
> Any help is appreciated!
> JoLaine
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