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Hi Jack:
This is a variation of the following:
Two Way Street        Lisa Greenleaf/Bob Isaacs       Becket-L
A1.  Ladies allemande R 1 1/2, N1 swing - face down
A2.  Down hall in line/4 - outside walk and insides turn R, N2 swing
B1.  Up hall and bend line, circle L 3/4 and pass through
B2.  Shadow gypsy (or allemande) L, partner swing
I originally had partner gypsy and swing in B2, but that led to a very long swing.  Lisa added the pass through to the shadow a few years ago and that give a more reasonable length swing.
For the progression in A2 I do not use 1s and 2s, as they are not obvious in the lines/4.  I call "outsides walk and insides turn" instead.  It is also useful to do a second walkthrough to point out to the 2s that when they get to the top they will need to go down the hall as a couple to get back in on the unusual progression.
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> I picked up a dance of yours from Vicki Hernden at Chattaboogie. I love 
> the dance, and have called it a few times (and plan to call it this 
> Saturday at our ElectroTrad dance (contra to specially edited recorded 
> sets of Neo Traditional music (traditional instruments + electronica, 
> percussion and such)). Would love a name for it.
> The dance is:
> A1 P B&S
> A2 Ladies Alle R 1.5
> N Sw
> B1 Down the hall, 2's turn back
> swing the one behind you
> B2 Up the hall
> Circle L 3/4
> Thanks!
> Jack
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