[Callers] square dance videos

David Millstone David.Millstone at valley.net
Mon Dec 12 21:20:02 PST 2011

[with apologies for duplicate posting for those also on the trad-dance-callers  

Callers interested in square dances may enjoy a new series of videos that I've  
been uploading from the Dare To Be Square weekend held last month at the John  
C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. They are the first videos posted to  
the new YouTube channel started for the Square Dance History project. Here's a  
link that will take you to the channel:


Callers at the weekend were Bob Dalsemer, Tony Parkes, Phil Jamison, Bill Litchman,  
Larry Edelman, and Jim Mayo. Funding for the videography-- superbly done by John-Michael  
Seng-Wheeler, of Charlottesville, VA-- was provided by CDSS. Thank you!

At the moment, there are sixteen Brasstown videos available, with another ten  
in the queue being uploaded tonight, and there are scores more waiting to be edited,  
compressed, and uploaded. I don't plan to announce each new batch on this list,  
so if you're interested, you could subscribeto that SquareDanceHistory channel  
and you'd receive automatic notifications when new videos were available.

Some videos just show the dancing, while others include relevant parts of a walkthrough.  
In all cases, the caller's voice has been boosted a little to make it stand out  
above the music.


David Millstone
Lebanon, NH

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