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Hi all,

Based on a few emails I've received, it seems the lack of formatting from my
original post of the dances is causing some confusion. I have my dances
saved in a Word document with tables and that didn't copy and paste so well
into a text-based email format.

Here are the dances again in a (hopefully) more easily useable format. Sorry
for any hassle from the first time around.

Formatting note:  text in parentheses are teaching or orientation notes that
I find helpful. Your mileage may vary.

Julie's Gypsies
Mark Hillegonds, Jun 2008
Duple minor, Improper

(Start the dance by having the dancers take hands in long wavy lines, women
facing in, men facing out.  Neighbors have right hands.)
(4)  Long wavy lines balance right and left
(4)  Neighbor allemande right once
(4)  Ladies pass left shoulder
(4)  Partner right shoulder gypsy

(4)  Ladies pass left shoulder
(12)  Neighbor swing

(6)  Circle left 3/4
(10)  Partner swing

(8)  Ladies chain
(8)  Left hand star 3/4 (look for new neighbor on right)

NOTES:  Starting with the Ladies pass left shoulder in the 2nd half of A1,
the ladies trace the path of a full hey.  The men trace circles, but don’t
change sides.

Robb's a Snobb
Mark Hillegonds, Jan 2008
Duple Minor, Becket

(8)  On left diagonal, right and left thru
(8)  Ladies gypsy right 1 1/2 (exit gypsy by passing neighbor by right

(16)  Men left shoulder hey for four (important to finish the hey to be in
the right places for the circle)

(4)  Circle left 3/4 (end facing partner up and down the set)
(4)  As couple pass by right shoulders (travel with neighbor)
(4)  With next couple, circle right 1/2 
(4)  As couple pass by left shoulders

(16)  Partner balance and swing

Greenleaf Twirl
Mark Hillegonds, Aug 2007
Duple Minor, Improper
Tunes:  Smooth jigs or reels work nicely

(8) Neighbor swing
(4) Long lines forward
(4) Gents pull partner back with him and roll her away to gents right

(4) Gents allemande left
(12) Partner swing

(16) Men lead left shoulder hey for 4, ladies ricochet (push back) when they
meet the second time

(8) Mad Robin around original neighbors (Actives will Mad Robin up and
Inactives down)
(8) With new neighbors do si do  (optional to raise arms over head like a
ballerina while twirling around in the do si do – the Greenleaf Twirl!!)
NOTES	B1 – The single ricochet by the ladies will allow them to get back
to their side for the Mad Robin and eventual progression.

This dance was written on the way home from English and American week at
Pinewoods, 2007.  Lisa Greenleaf was the lead contra caller that week and
was spotted performing the above twirl while dancing do si dos.  This caught
on and others were soon following her lead.

Mark Hillegonds

cell:  734-756-8441
email:  mhillegonds at comcast.net

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I think Julie's Gypsies was one of these great dances, Mark.  I love that


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>Similarly to practicing calling, I've written a number of dances on my
>commute to and from work. Although it passes the time nicely and I don't
>succumb to the stresses of driving in Detroit traffic, like Laurie mentions
>below, I find I zone out. I've written some nice dances during these
>but realize it's better for me and my fellow drivers if I pay attention to
>the flow of the traffic instead of the flow of the dancers.  8-)
>Mark Hillegonds
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>Well, that sounds good.  But I found that I visualize when I start going
>through the dances, or my thoughts are such that I'm really not focusing on
>the road like I should.  It's like I glaze over!
>Laurie P
>When I dance, I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from
>life. I can only be joyful and whole, that is why I dance.  ~Hans Bos~
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>>We each have a variety of experiential voices that whisper/speak to us
>issues come up. For these Shared Weight discussions, of course, it is
>usually my caller/dancer voice that is at the forefront. However, in this
>particular case, my nurse voice is asking for some time......In particular,
>I am reminded that society is trying to get drivers to avoid activities
>which take their eyes off the road (California prohibits cell phone use;
>Mass prohibits texting by teens, etc).
>>It seems to me that memorizing dances at home, not looking at any cards or
>other written form of the dance while driving, and then practicing to music
>in the car accomplishes at least three things: 1) gets the caller into the
>habit of memorizing dances, which always is helpful; 2) offers you extra
>practice time beyond that which you can do while at home; 3) keeps the
>driver's eyes safely on the road.
>>Linda Leslie
>>On Dec 3, 2011, at 10:05 AM, Lisa Sieverts wrote:
>>> I print my dances in very large fonts on full-size paper, so it's easy
>>> glance over at the dance on the passenger seat to check the sequence. I
>>> to learn it as quickly as possible to minimize the moments when my eyes
>>> not on the road. This is a skill that is also useful on stage.
>>> I don't want to lose sight of the fact that one's ability to teach a
>>> effectively is as important as being able to call it well.
>>> Lisa
>>> On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 4:58 PM, Don Veino
><sharedweight_net at veino.com>wrote:
>>>> Thanks Lisa. Are you reading from cards when doing this or do you
>>>> the dances? I've done a fair bit of practicing while riding in the car,
>>>> not yet driving.
>>>> On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 3:49 PM, Lisa Sieverts
><lisa at lisasieverts.com>wrote:
>>>>> Don,
>>>>> Welcome!
>>>>> My favorite way to practice calling is to play tunes on the stereo and
>>>>> call
>>>>> while DRIVING. It's a reasonable simulation of the number of things
>>>>> need to be able to do at the same time that you are calling.
>>>>> Note that I have missed exits in this manner, but have never been in
>>>>> accident :-).
>>>>> Best,
>>>>> Lisa
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