[Callers] easy ONS dances where partner is kept? - report

Keith Tuxhorn keithlmt at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 09:25:19 PDT 2011

 I once had a caller say to me "I would never patronize a group by teaching
them circle left and circle right." But he didn't really get the point: I'm
not teaching circle left and circle right. The purpose of the first dance of
the evening is to teach them to listen to the caller.

Beth, whatever caller said this to you is probably not a very observant
caller. Sounds like he's assume that hearing and hitting a beat is something
inbred in us all, and just like breathing for anyone who's ever danced, when
there's a huge percentage of people who either aren't raised with a sense of
rhythm, or have to take time to learn it.

I called a farmers' market dance two weekends ago. Because the experienced
dancers arrived late, my first group dance was with 7-8 mothers and their
3-6-year-old kids who'd been hopping around to the band's warmups. I called
"Circle Dance" at about 1/3 speed so the moms could lead the kids around--it
was great! I did a few dances with the regular dancers, then the moms
requested another dance for the kids. I did the same dance, this time with
the regular dancers included in the half-speed version. they all enjoyed it.

Beth, you said it (as did Tony, Dudley, and others): Make sure the dancers
succeed, at whatever level they're dancing. Approaches should change for
every audience you call for...

David, great point about how to keep people involved. Make them earn their

Keith Tuxhorn
Austin, TX

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