[Callers] Apps for callers?

JoLaine Jones-Pokorney jolaine at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 09:17:30 PDT 2011

I have settled on using Google Docs spreadsheet to manage my dances.  For
the most part, it works really well.  The only limitation I've encountered
is I can't search the entire document, only one tab at a time.  Each tab is
a different dance and I have a format for entering the dance and the
teaching script.  As a fairly new caller, I thought it was important to
write out my teaching script word-for-word concentrating on clear and
concise.  It has been a great help!  I'm really good at reading so it
doesn't sound like I am reading it word-for-word and now that I have called
a while, my clear and concise script is committed to memory for the basic
I can also share my google doc with bands and other callers I am working
with.  I can call it up on my netbook or smart phone if I'm in a situation
where I need to call a dance unexpectedly.
I do not use the netbook or phone to call from except in an emergency.  I
print them out on a full size sheet of paper and put them in a three ring
binder in order for the evening, back-ups are available in a pocket in the
binder.  I place the binder on a music stand so I can be hands-free and only
glance at it when needed. I can make notes all over the piece of paper and
then go home and update the spreadsheet so the next time I print it off, it
will have my  most current notes.
I also use a google doc for keeping up with the programs I've called, when,
where, what, band, pay, etc.
If anyone would like to see my google doc, I'd be glad to share.

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