[Callers] ONS Dance - Star Crazy (was Accretion Reel)

JD Erskine sailargh at victoria.tc.ca
Tue Apr 12 21:41:29 PDT 2011

On 30/Mar/11 02:17, Liz and Bill wrote:
> B2: The requirement for 3 couples is only 'recommended', let circles
> of any size form, and let the dancers sort out the fun when the
> circles have an even number of couples.
> Cheers, Bill
> PS - At a folk festival barn dance someone called a mixer that used the
> idea in B1. I made up this 32 bar version. Does anyone recognize it?

Controlled chaos is the word! Used one like this at a Community/possible 
new Contra dance on the Island last Saturday with fun results.

Version I have is "Borrowdale Exchange" via Tom Green. His notes state 
it's an apparent variant on the Kentucky Reel.

J.D. Erskine
Victoria, BC


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