[Callers] Calling for dancers with disabilities

Dave Colestock contradancerdave at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 11 19:52:33 PDT 2011

There was a session at Neffa a few years ago, about doing dances that did not require actual dancing.  This was for wheelchair bound and other disabled people.  Involved a lot of hand motions, clapping and such.  I forget who gave the session, but you may be able to look it up if you attended and/or have your program from then.  Maybe it was 3 years or so ago?  Maybe someone else on the list remembers the session??
Dave Colestock
Harrisburg, PA

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Subject: [Callers] Calling for dancers with disabilities
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Date: Monday, April 11, 2011, 10:32 PM

Hi all,

I'm calling a couple of community dances this summer for a non-profit that mentors adult artists with varying developmental disabilities.  A high proportion of the dancers will be their clients, or other similarly-disabled clients of their parent organization.   The mentors and other agency staff will be on hand to dance as well.  We're all very excited that this is happening, and I want to be sure it's a successful experience for the dancers, especially those with disabilities.  

Has anyone on this list done anything similar?  If so, do you have any specific suggestions as I prepare?  (On or off-list.  Content or approach.)

Chrissy Fowler
Belfast, Maine

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