[Callers] What makes a caller a great caller?

Jeanette Mill jeanette_mill at yahoo.com.au
Mon Apr 11 18:26:19 PDT 2011

Great question Will. My friend Lisa Sieverts summed it up well (and I hope I am 
recalling her words correctly - apologies to Lisa if my memory is not serving me 
well) by saying that a caller always needs to be mindful that the dancers are 
there to have FUN! So this needs to be at the core of any decisions regarding 
programming etc. I have lots more thoughts, but thought I would throw this one 
in for now.

Looking forward to reading everyone's replies. 

From Australia
Jeanette Mill
 "The piano - 88 little mistakes waiting to happen." Peter Barnes. 

From: Will Kruse <sideways at wcrews.net>
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Subject: [Callers] What makes a caller a great caller?

Hello from Seattle!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on what separates
good callers from great callers?  Is it their selections of dances?
That they call their own dances?  Their ability to compose an evening
of dancing?  Their personal charm?  Their connection with the band?
Their intimate knowledge of how the dance, the music, and the dancers
all flow together?

I'm especially interested to hear from dance organizers what they look
for when they consider booking a caller?  I suspect this second
question may have a separate answer from the first :-)

Curiosity abounds as my mind begins to explore the calling space :-)

Will "now, from Seattle!" Kruse
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