[Callers] she was the greatest

Tom Hinds twhinds at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 11 13:47:23 PDT 2011

In order to get experience as a caller I started my own dance series  
(mostly for a beginning crowd).  On occasion I would hire another  
caller who also was inexperienced.  You've never heard of this woman.

She wasn't polished.  Some of her dances were dorky, her timing so-so  
etc.   BUT she was the greatest caller I've ever seen.  She had a  
talent for interacting with people that was incredible.  She got them  
laughing, yelling and screaming with joy with her style, kidding and  
dances.  The dancers were glad they came dancing.  And they had a  
reason to come back.   I've never seen any other caller do what she  
did.  I wish I could copy her style but can't- this is something  
that's unique to her.

I've begged her to keep calling but she's not into it.


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