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Linda Mrosko elmerosko at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 12:14:21 PDT 2011

When I started calling, I was using 3x5 index cards; copied those onto 5x7
index cards; bought a PC & transferred those to index cards on my computer;
bought a laptop & transferred those to index cards on my laptop; starting
hauling that laptop to dances (and a table to set it on); put a few handy
dances in the notes section of my cell phone; got tired of hauling that
laptop & table around; now back to carrying index cards again (but what if
the room fills up with beginners and they can't dance to the program I
brought that night?); so now I've set up a few pages containing tables of
dances [I can get up to 16 contra dances per page using tables] that stay in
my purse wherever I go - tables include:  "easy contras" (2-3 pages),
"favorite contras," (limit myself to only 5 pages worth), "circles" (2
pages), "squares" (several pages), and "other" (3-4 pages).  Bulky in my
purse?  Somewhat, but at least I have dances with me at all times in case a
random dance breaks out somewhere, and now I'm prepared for that busload of
beginners to show up 1/2 through a regular dance I might be calling
somewhere.  Ahhh technology.

On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 3:19 AM, Will Kruse <sideways at wcrews.net> wrote:

> To those who have explore technological options for organizing your
> dances, what have you come up with?  I'm starting to see more laptops,
> PDAs, tablets, and smartphones* at dances so does anyone know how
> that's working?  What software are you using?
> Will
> * At an open mic session last weekend a friend decided to call at the
> last minute and pulled the dance up on his smartphone.  I was
> tremendously tempted to pull out my phone and call him when I dropped
> out at the bottom of the set.  I resisted the urge :-)
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