[Callers] ID dances for me?

Keith Tuxhorn keithlmt at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 09:38:28 PDT 2011

Hi all-- There are several dances I've called, or am about to call, that
I've taken from Youtube videos that did not have the name attached. Hope
this crowd can help.

1. Just called by Gaye Fifer at Pigtown Fling...

Ring bal, pet twirl... repeat
Bal & N swing
W gypsy 1 1/2.... P swing
Circle L 3/4... ring bal, CA twirl

2. Didn't note when or where... it's a Becket...

Circle L 3/4, pass through... new N swing
R+L through... W chain
Ring bal, Pet. twirl... repeat
P bal and wing

3. Called by Cis Hinkle at a Blue Moon weekend in 08 or 09...

(start in short waves)
Wave bal, turn 1/2... M allmnde L 3/4 (to long wave in center), bal
Allmnde 3/4, P swing
W allmnde R 1 1/2, N swing
Bal (across set), pull by R, L... w/ next, dosido 1 1/2


Keith Tuxhorn, Austin

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