[Callers] Medleys

Dan Pearl daniel_pearl at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 20 10:47:36 PDT 2010

> Where, when and how do you find them most effective when incorporated in a 

The Medley is a special case of the "no walk-through" slot which incorporates 
more than one dance. For my money, a nice mini-medley is three dances 
coordinated with the three tunes that the band plays. By "coordinated" I only 
mean that when the tune changes, the dance sequence changes, too.

When do you program them? During an "Experienced Only" evening, anytime (except 
maybe the first slot, when the sound system is still being balanced).  During a 
community dance (lot of beginners -- mixed/low level of dancing), never.  

The general rule is that you want to ADD fun, excitement, spontaneity and energy 
to the event. If you wind up adding frustration, panic, anxiety and failure to 
the event, then you have chosen the slot poorly. 

> Tips for teaching? 

Since they are no-walk-thru, you don't teach them, per se.  However, excellent 
and special calling is required of no-walk-thru dances.  I have led a workshop 
at NEFFA describing how you do this, and here are some highlight 

1. Get the call out early, and fill in with patter to preserve the timing.  
    Usual prompt:  ___   ___  ___  ___  THOSE two LAdies CHAIN acROSS
    No walk-thru:   ___   ___  ___  ___  LAdies CHAIN acROSS the SET

2. Put recovery information in between calls:
    PARTner SWING [ on the men's home side ] 

3. Keep the calls up, especially for similar sequences.

> Any other comments?

Make sure you select material that is achievable by you (as a caller) and the 
dancers without a walk-thru. Keep it straightforward (embracing contra tropes) 
and fun.


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