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Joy Greenwolfe joy2the at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 14 07:47:14 PDT 2010

Hi, All!

This looks like a slightly altered version of Bob Dalsemer's MidWinter  
Gypsy, which myself and the triangle-area (of NC) Caller's Collective  
tweaked into something we called NewHope Gypsy after a local place name.

New Hope Gypsy by Joy & the Caller's Collective  (variation of Bob  
Dalsemer's MidWinter Gypsy)
(duple improper contra, double progression)

A1	Long lines forward and back  (8)
	2s swing, end facing up.   (8)

A2	Mirror gypsy neighbor   1+1/2  (2s split the ones. 1s end below the  
twos.) (8)
	1s swing, end facing down.  (8)
		Make a line of four with new!! 2s.  2s be alert for new neighbors.

B1	Down the hall in a line of four.  (4)
	"Cast to a circle, open to a line."
		2s fold in as if casting down (good hand weight).  (2)
		1s release partner's hand and open to face up in a new line. (2)
	And return (4)

B2	Circle L x1 (8)
	Neighbor swing (8)

Bob Dalsemer's MidWinter Gypsy
	Same A parts.
B1	Down the hall in a line of four, turn alone and return.
B2	Fold in the ends of the circle, circle L, swing neighbor.

You can see the original notes on Bob's dance page:

The reason for the tweaking was I was trying to fix the gents leading  
in the circle to a swing (which makes for an awkward transition -  
ladies in the lead of the swingee works better).  We ended up with a  
completely different turn in the B2.   Bob D had a Gypsy also before  
the 1s swing. We tried making that an Allemande, and it's doable, but  
it felt awkward for one of the gents into the swing.  So a gypsy it was!

I think yours is different enough (starting with a different figure)  
to have a new name, but you might reference the other dance(s).  I'm  
going to have to try this starting with the Mirror gypsy/allemande!

Hope this helps!

Joy Greenwolfe
Durham, NC

On Sep 14, 2010, at 10:01 AM, aawoodall wrote:

> It looks like a nice flowing dance.  However, I think there's a  
> typo.  As writtenk, in A1
> and B2, 2s swing.  Should B2 be 1s swing?
> Andrea
>> Hi All:
>> This past weekend at a dance writing workshop at the Foot Fall dance
>> weekend we came up with the following dance, and were wondering if it
>> was new:
>> Waiting for the Other Foot to Fall             Improper
>> Co-authors; Dan Black, Joyce Duffy-Bilanow, Bob Isaacs, Hannah Platt,
>> Kendall Rogers
>> A1.  Neighbor handy-hand allemande 1 1/2, 2s swing - face down
>> (1)
>> A2.  Down hall in line/4 - 2s turn as a couple, up hall and bend line
>> B1.  Circle L, neighbor swing
>> B2.  Long lines, 2s swing
>> (1) - It's the L hand for the 1G/2L, and R hand for the 1L/2G.  The
>> line of four facing down from L to R is 1G-2G-2L-1L.
>> Anyone seen this one before?
>> Bob
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