[Callers] Zodiac

Nancy Turner nancyturner at madriver.com
Sun May 30 06:03:22 PDT 2010

Hi All,

I'd like to say that I called Zodiac last night, but this community  
knew it so well that a walk through or prompting through wasn't  
required! The band started playing, it was obvious they all knew it,  
and off we went!  It was helpful to discover in advance of the  
evening that there are variations to the lyrics and the moves. In  
addition to the version that Martha shared, I now know this:

1) Here comes Zodiac, Zodiac, Zodiac, here comes Zodiac all night long.
2) Step-back Sally, make a little alley, step back Sally all night long.
3) Here comes Sally, walking down the alley, here comes Sally, all  
night long.
4) Here comes the other one, just like the other 1, here comes the  
other 1 all night long.
5) I looked down the alley, and what did I see? A big fat man from  
6) I betcha five dollars, you can't do this! I betcha five dollars,  
you can’t do that! To the front to the back, side-side-side! x2
7) Lean waaay back, you've got a hump on your back! x2
8) You do the camel’s walk, you do the camel’s walk. (Quietly)


1)     Hands crossed with Partner across the set: sawing motion.

2)     Step to beats, backing away from partner to make an "alley"  
down center of set.

3)     First one of top couple, makes way down set.

4)     Second person (or couple) follows.

5)     Hand flat above eyes across to Partner; hands delineate a  
large belly.

6)     Wag right finger, then left finger at partner. Hop to pattern x 2

7)     Lean way back; reverse to lean way forward x 2

8)     Move one step at a time towards their partners again and take  

Thanks for the help.

Nancy Turner

Waitsfield VT

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