[Callers] Introducing Contra to MWSD folks

John C. McIntire circleleft at uninets.net
Thu May 20 08:59:51 PDT 2010

Jack & all,

Been there, done that! Here's what I learned.

Forget the stylistic stuff, start with the basics of how do contra lines 

Contra dancers make loads of assumptions, MWSD do not make 
assumptions. They want (need) to be told almost everything. Most 
importantly, which way to face and where to stand. Be very specific, even 
when you don't think you need to be. Watch carefully during the walk thru(s) 
and you'll see the trouble spots.

To contra dancers, the term Partner always refers to the same person. Not 
so with MWSD.

MWSD works with beats of music, not phrases. Tell them how many beats 
to move and they will be fine.

I insisted on bringing musicians and alternated with the MWSD caller. He 
used recorded music(?). It didn't take long before the musicians were 
playing along and filling in the recordings.

I'd do it again but would definately ask for more money.

Have fun,		John McIntire, Unity, ME

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