[Callers] Dance length

Richard Hart rich at harts.mv.com
Fri May 14 21:37:52 PDT 2010

I saw Byron tonight and he gave me an ok to share his dance here, so 
here is Chasing the "L".

*Chasing the “L”* - Byron Ricker “Quad” Becket
A Quad Becket is a dance that can be done with just 4 couples, as no one 
is ever out at the ends

*A1:* On the L Diagonal, Right & Left Through;
Ladies Chain Straight Across

*A2:* Men Allemande L 1 ½ x (to partner)
Gypsy with Partner

*B1:* Hey for 4 (Women start with L sh)

*B2:* Partner Balance & Swing

Laur remarked on 5/13/2010 1:29 AM:
> That  would be great!  Hope you can share the ones that work  well with us,  with  his permission,  of course.
> At a dance we rarely have that  few  people left, but for an informal gathering I'm always  looking for ways to keep people on the floor.
> laur
> --- On Thu, 5/13/10, Richard Hart <rich at harts.mv.com> wrote:
> From: Richard Hart <rich at harts.mv.com>
> Subject: Re: [Callers] Dance length
> To: "Caller's discussion list" <callers at sharedweight.net>
> Date: Thursday, May 13, 2010, 12:58 AM
> I usually consider 5 couple a minimum for a regular contra dance, but triples like Money Musk require more people.
> A caller up here, Byron Ricker, has been writing a few dances that he calls "quad beckets."  Quad becket dances are becket dances that can be danced with 4 or more couples and that never leaves anyone out (unless there are an odd number of couples). Many, but not all becket dances work this way.  With just 4 couples left, I've sometimes called a quad becket with some success.
> Rich.

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