[Callers] Teaching Mad Robin

Liz and Bill staf186 at ext.canterbury.ac.nz
Sat Mar 27 01:32:33 PDT 2010

Hi Jerome, Rich et al.

       Below are a few dances where the see-saw path mad robin is used.
In one of them it was called a 'mirror mad robin. ' I have been 'converting'
western square dancers to contra, and for them a mirror mad robin is  'half 
sashay twice."

I find (especially in NZ where people have trouble with extended eye-contact), 
to say
face your partner and make sure you smile at them - this usually causes eye 
contact connection
between partners without making it a demand for eye contact.

Cheers, Bill

The Eyes Have It by Becky Hill
A1	Circle Left once, slide Left Ladies Chain,			
A2	Mirror Mad Robin  (opposite rotation, a "sideways see-saw")
            Hey Halfway (Ladies X Right Shoulder)			
B1	Neighbor Balance and Swing			
B2	Gents Allemand Left 1 1/2 Partner Swing			

Three Ceremonies by Adriane Moser
A1	Ladies Chain, mad robin (around N see-saw path)			
A2	Hey (ladies pass rt)			
B1	Ladies pass thru (right shoulder), gypsy and swing partner			
B2	LLFB, Circle Left 1x, slide left (to new Neighbors)			

I wrote this in 2008 and tweaked it on Ron and Cathy's tour this year
Mad Robin Imagination (MRI)
A1	Circle Left 1, Neighbor Right Allemand 1 1/4			
A2	Ladies Left Allemand 1 1/2, Partner Swing			
B1	Ladies Chain, Mad Robin (see-saw path)		
B2	Men roll Lady (N) away with half sashay (4), Circle Right 1 (8),
           (across the hall) Veer Right (2), Veer Left (2) (i.e. with partner as 
couple and pass left)			

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