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David Kaynor davidkaynor at mac.com
Tue Mar 9 07:03:22 PST 2010

Hi Everyone,

 From 11/9/2003, on which date we ceremonially opened the new doors to  
our newly, fully wheelchair-accessible Guiding Star Grange Hall:

Open Doors

David Kaynor

Duple Improper

A1 	Circle Left 3/4; pwing partner

A2 	Down Hall 4 - in - line; wheel around as couples; return; bend  
line into long line

B1 	Long lines forward; ladies back up pulling neighbor gents out;
         swing neighbors
         (end progressed)

B2 	Long Lines forward & back;
         circle right;
         turn alone to face new neighbors

In the early or mid 1980s, my cousin Cammy Kaynor composed a fun dance  
for which he always played the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance on recorder,  
sort of spitting out monosyllabic prompts, we all thought very  
remarkable, quite entertaining, and effective, if occasionally  
somewhat salivary; I seem to recall accumulations of moisture on Cam's  

Among this dance's cool and unusual aspects was the B2 sequence  
wherein, from progressed positions, you circled left with future  
neighbors and right with current neighbors.

Here's what I remember:

The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance

Cammy Kaynor

Duple Improper

A1  #1s balance; dos-a-dos; swing

A2  With neighbor, balance; dos-a-dos; swing
        (end progressed)

B1  Ladies chain

B2  With future neighbors, circle left;
         with current neighbors, circle right

I used to dance it a lot.  Fitting the balance, dos-a-dos, and swing  
all into a phrase seemed totally fine and fun ... especially to that  

As far as I know, Cam has never written it out, but I think he still  
calls it (and plays recorder simultaneously).


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