[Callers] Circle R -> New N Circle L

Jack Mitchell jamitch3 at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 7 15:11:43 PST 2010

So...I was at a dance yesterday evening and Bob Dalsemer was calling.  
We did a dance with a circle R, new N circle L progression, and Bob used 
a way to teach it that was elegantly simple and effective, and that I 
had never heard anyone else use.

After the circle R 1x, you're on the side with your neighbor, with your 
partner across the set from you.  Instruction was that you now have one 
hand with your neighbor.  Take that hand and give it to your partner.  
Face new N.  Circle L.

It took what (while still a really fun progression) can be a very 
"disconnected" progression and reintroduced a connection to your partner 
that took you through the progression, and also helped keep folks 
oriented by turning with your partner while actually keeping (one or the 
other) hand with them the whole time.  Suspect that posts like this are 
the answer to the "You know you're a caller geek when...."  (you get 
excited about a teaching tip in a dance). ;-)

On another note from the same dance....does anyone have Traveler's 
Welcome by Jim Kitch?  We did it last night, and I really enjoyed it, 
but I didn't get a chance to stop to write it down until after the dance.


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