[Callers] Digest mode

Chris Weiler (home) chris.weiler at weirdtable.org
Sat Jan 30 08:40:45 PST 2010

Just a quick reminder to all about how the digest mode works. Mailman 
will collect the e-mails into a queue and then send the contents of that 
queue to the digest subscribers under two conditions:

1. a day has gone by, or
2. 30kb of data has collected. (about 5-7 messages on average)

Sometimes, when traffic is heavy, there can be more than one digest 
e-mail sent per day. This keeps the digest e-mails from getting too long 
and harder to read. All the traffic on the list should be contained in 
your digest e-mails, the first e-mail of the thread and the replies. Let 
Seth and I know if you discover differently. An e-mail to 
callers-owner at sharedweight.net will reach both of us.

On a side note, moderating this list is extremely easy for me. I do not 
review messages before they are posted unless there is something unusual 
about how it was sent (from a non-subscribed address, via BCC, etc.) and 
most of those are from spam engines. The very few times that I had to 
ask someone to change what or how they posted to the list, they have 
been responsive and respectful for the most part. Thank you all for your 
respectful discussion. You set the tone of this list and make it a great 

Best regards,
Chris Weiler
Goffstown, NH

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