[Callers] Has this dance been already written?

Thomas J Senior thomasjsenior at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 09:47:38 PST 2010

Hello folks,
   Last summer i was thinking how nice it is to use a roll away to
start another move, and wrote this dance.  (On July 13th, strangely
enough.)   Do any of you know if someone else has used the same

July 13th    Tom Senior  Duple Improper

A1  circle Left once;
       roll away your N, (women in front of gent),
       gents pull by by left to face partner. (women, if so inclined,
can cast Right into the gypsy)
A2  Gypsy swing partner.  (or whatever move you like)  End facing across.
B1  Forward into a Give and Take, Men pulling Neighbor back.
       Swing N, end facing across to take hands in a ring.
B2  Balance ring, twirl right one place,
       Balance ring, twirl right one place to face the next couple
       (to circle as the dance begins again.)

Thanks for your advice,
Tom Senior
Dance while you can.

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