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Susan Moffett smoffett at insightbb.com
Tue Feb 9 10:35:57 PST 2010

OK one more and I'm done....for now. I wrote this dance a while back

"Stars in our Eyes" becket, double progression

A1	On the left diagonal, lines go forward and back  (face a new couple)
	Ladies chain
A2	Star left once around, look for a new neighbor and swing
B1	Gents alle left 1 and 1/2, pick up your pt. for a star promenade  
and a butterfly twirl
B2	Ladies gypsy
	Pt. swing

Jo Mortland and I turned this one into a crooked contra ( I guess you  
call it that....one with a C part)

"48 Stars"

A1-B1	Same as above
B2	Hey for 4
C1	Pt. balance and swing
C2	Long lines F&B
	Circle left once around

If any of you try either of these let me know (and Jo too) what you  


On Feb 9, 2010, at 12:49 PM, Andy Shore wrote:

> I know this has been covered before (I've searched the archives) but  
> I figured others might want new ideas for programming dances for  
> this weekend.
> I'm calling a dance on Saturday 2/13 with a Valentine's Day theme.
> Thus far, I've come up with the following ideas (not in program  
> order yet)
> Bob's Valentine - Chris Ricciotti
> Gypsy 'Round Two - Tom Hinds
> Pam's Clock-wise Valentine (2.5) - Seth Tepfer
> Love Sting - Rick Mohr
> Heart of Glass	- Cary Ravitz
> Spring Dance Romance - Dean Snipes
> The Tease - Tom Hinds
> Also thinking about:
> The Country of Marriage - Susan Kevra
> The Rendezvous - Dan Pearl
> Caught in the Act - Donna McAllister
> The Valentine's Day Massacre - Colin Hume (circle mixer, not sure  
> about the clap "massacre" progression)
> Other ideas?  Any dances with titles including "cupid" "arrow" or  
> "chocolate"?
> I keep finding dances that are heavy on gypsy's, unequal, or have  
> lines of 4 down the hall and I don't want to make my program too  
> heavy on any of those.
> Also,  I've had a request (from the band) for a dance that begins A1  
> with Petronella-style balance and spins. Any suggestions would be  
> appreciated.
> Thanks!
> /Andy Shore
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