[Callers] Calling medleys for the first time

Greg McKenzie grekenzie at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 16:54:43 PST 2010

If you call a medley it is best to give the dancers fair warning well 
in advance.  Some will want to find a "special" partner to spend that 
slot with.  Others will just want to be sure they can avoid 
newcomers.  (There is good reason for this.  Newcomers might have 
difficulty and some of the regular dancers will only feel comfortable 
dancing a medley if they are with an experienced dancer.)

Also, there are some of us who will want to sit out during a 
medley.  Empowering the dancers with advance information about 
unusual dances is good policy.  It builds trust and a sense of common purpose.

- Greg

>  I want to try calling a dance medley in our contra group in 2011. ?As
>  this will be new for me and all of our dancers I?m writing for advice.
>  ?Specifically:

>  What are some sets of dance that work well as medleys?

>  What coordination should you do with the band ahead of time?

>  What recommendations do you have for instructions during the walk through?

>  Anything else (other than screwing my courage to the sticking point?)

>  Thanks.

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