[Callers] Calling medleys for the first time

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I admire you, Parker. I shy away from medleys probably from laziness.  I think there is no walk through, tho sometimes the caller tells the first move in advance and hints at some that might be in the mix. I think the real trick is to keep the dances straightforward without too many figures each, and to manage the transitions from one to the next.  That is the key for you, anyway - emphasize the start of the new dance and call strongly thru the changeover.

Now I'll let those who actually call them answer!
Happy New Year.

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 want to try calling a dance medley in our contra group in 2011.  As 
this will be new for me and all of our dancers I'm writing for advice. 

What are some sets of dance that work well as medleys?

What coordination should you do with the band ahead of time?

What recommendations do you have for instructions during the walk through?

Anything else (other than screwing my courage to the sticking point?)

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