[Callers] Ricochet hey dances

Chris Page chriscpage at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 16:40:25 PST 2010

There's a lot more out there, in addition to the ones already mentioned.

Cary Ravitz has a half dozen on his web page, though he calls it "Push Off Hey"
(Bev's Becket alt, Galax, Hey Weaver, The Millennium Hug, One Way or
Another, Whirl of Fortune)

Rick Mohr uses one as an eight-beat swing connector in "Ted and Lynn."

Chris Weiler's webpage has "On the Rebound" by himself and Bob Isaacs.

I've written one with Bob Isaacs called "Ricochet Twins" which has the
ricochet hey/swing transition for both swings.

And I've written:

Double Cat Bounce
Chris Page
A1 Neighbor balance
   Neighbor swing
A2 Half ricochet hey (ML, PR, W ricochet)
   Partner swing
B1 Ladies chain
   Half ricochet hey (WR, NL, M ricochet)
B2 Circle right 3/4
   Neighbor allemande left 1 & 1/2

I think the half ricochet hey/swing transition will eventually be well
known enough to be a good substitute for men allemande left/swing,
when that transition isn't practical.

-Chris Page
San Diego

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