[Callers] ricochet or push-back hey - Tapsalteerie

Lisa Greenleaf laleaf at verizon.net
Tue Dec 7 09:58:42 PST 2010

>  Adam Carlson's Queen Bee

A little history here:  Adam was the first to take this dance flourish and put it in a dance.  He called it the figure a Queen Bee hey after a neighborhood in Seattle.  I liked the move but wanted a name that reflected the action of the figure, so I called it a ricochet hey  and wrote a dance with the same name; the dance is a riff on Tony Parkes' Flirtation Reel.

My original dance had alternating 1s and 2s, but that worked only with experienced or up-for-anything crowds.  I don't call this any more, as other folks have written much better dances!

Ricochet Hey	Duple Improper

A1 (8) Down 4 in line , 1s in middle, turn alone	(8) Up, face N (1s BTB in middle)	
A2 (16) Passing Neighbor R,  1s whole hey, 2s Ricochet		
B1 (16) B&S N		
B2 (8) For & Back	 (8) 1s Sw, face down		

Lisa Greenleaf

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