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Luke Donev luke.donev at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 20:12:32 PST 2010

If a crowd has never seen a ricochet hey before, I might start with
something that only has one ricochet. I wrote one a little while ago, and
dancers around here seem to enjoy it.

What's to Doubt?
Neighbor balance and swing, end facing across
Mad robin (Men go in and right, Women go back and Left; Men go back and
Left, Women go in and Right)
Men start 1/2 hey by Left shoulder
Men 1/2 hey by left, Women ricochet back into
Partner swing
Men Allemande Left 1x while women orbit clockwise (L) 1/2
Neighbor Allemande R 1 3x4 to next Neighbor

The hey broken over the A2/B1 helps mark it as something different for the

I think a ricochet hey is one of those places where a demo is worth doing.
Having a flexible but defined endpoint like a partner swing helps, but I'd
still be inclined to show it. If I were try describe it just in
writing/speaking to someone who knew a hey but not a ricochet, I'd say (for
this dance)

"It's a full hey for the men split over the A2/B1 transition. It's a half
hey for the women, and then they come in, put both hands up palms out, and
push off each other (twirling optional) to go back to the same side of the
set they were on after the first half of the hey. Their partner can meld in
after the ricochet for a very nice swing transition (which works better if
the women don't back out at a wide angle from the line of the hey)."

I'd appreciate hearing a more succinct way to teach it, as that seems a lot
of verbage.

Another dance with a ricochet is Nathaniel Jack's
Dead Cat Bounce
Duple Imp.
A1 16 Neighbor Bal + Swing
A2 4 Men Al L ½
4 Partner Al right 1ce
8 Men start ½ hay L, women ricochet (push off the hands of the other woman
to move back and to the right)
B1 8 Circle left ¾
8 Partner Swing
B2 8 LL F+B
8 Women Gypsy R 1½ to new neighbors

Which I've seen and danced at dance weekends, where the caller just had to
say "men 1/2 hey, women ricochet".

On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 9:47 PM, Paul Wilde

> I'm also curious as to how other's might walk this through.  Do the dancers
> starting the hey each time have to make a wide loop while their partners
> are
> "pushing back"?
> _____________________

My experience with ricochets is that a wide loop is not required. You can
have two people ricochet (twice) during a normal dance without interrupting
the flow of the dance or changing the flow pattern for the other dancers.

Luke Donev
Luke.Donev at gmail.com

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