[Callers] Gender free dances

cathy jones susanma1950 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 5 15:26:46 PST 2010

I call a fair number of dances that include novices, among them children who 
often prefer to dance with someone of the same gender.  I've gotten into the 
habit of using "suns" and "moons" to distinguish roles, which they bget a kick 
out of.  When I've been in situations where I'm calling to non-novice adults and 
there is a gender imbalance, I've asked if they would prefer gender-free terms.  
The overwhelming response has been negative.

Susan Elberger
Arlington, MA

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I can't find Ivan Illich's quote (help, anyone?) but he said something like:

It's very good for industry to have men and women be "equal". ie,
interchangeable cogs in the machine.  But this destroys the cultural delight
of differing roles and gender celebration.

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