[Callers] Gender free dances

Ron Nelson callerman at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 2 15:45:59 PST 2010

Martha Edwards said:

> It might be reasonable to eliminate as many gendered terms as possible, but
> when we just can't avoid it ("Gents allemande", or "ladies chain") why don't
> we all just relax and not worry about it?
> True sensitivity to gender issues goes a lot deeper than just man/woman,
> gay/lesbian. In addition to sexual preference, there's biology, which can
> occasionally be indeterminate, and there are people whose gender identity
> does not match their assigned gender. It seems to me that we can just dance
> these old (and new) dances, making it clear that anyone is welcome to dance
> any part, and that their gender does not have to match the calls of the
> dance, and so long as the attentions are welcome, they may flirt with
> whomever they please. (Straight, gay, lesbian, bi, or other...)
> M
> E
Ron Nelson responds:  
Well said, Martha! 		 	   		  

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