[Callers] Gender free dances

JD Erskine sailargh at victoria.tc.ca
Thu Dec 2 14:54:17 PST 2010

On 02/Dec/10 10:02, susie rudder wrote:
>     asked me to use non gender specific terms when calling. I tried
>     'lead' and 'follow' because the syllable numbers worked, but I'm not
>     happy with that.

Haven't, yet.

These folks dance ECD & SCD, may find some of their terminology useful.
Gender Free dance terminology - Heather and Rose Country Dancers
A bit more in About Us.
Seattle has started a Rainbow Contra, now at third monthly.

Listening to Amy & Tom Wimmer call, it doesn't seem it need be too 
difficult. I like the idea of coding some of one's dance directions for 
what one wants to say rather than having to initially remember to 
translate it on the fly.

You might write them for ideas, via Judy @ the Rainbow Contra page or 
via Emerald City Contra. http://seattledance.org/contra
While this 1999 article supports the Bare & Bands
I'd agree that I'd feel uncomfortable using physical tags, and names 
going with that, for all the reasons mentioned thus far. Also I'd wish 
to avoid words I'd be more likely to stumble over or not have heard and 
interpreted well. Cari Ravitz has some thoughts on "mushy" words. 
http://ravitz.us/dance/call.php#2 A more optimal selection may yet be 
discovered, maybe here.

For now I'd probably select Lead & Follow.

Cheers, JD

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