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Called my first Gender Free dance last year.  Will be calling again the same 
dance in February.  During the dance my calls became Bands and Bares.  A caution 
that was told to me was to do the following: redo my cards for these calls.  
This was a great help, I only slipped twice saying gents/ladies.  Secondly, 
practice the dances with these calls to get this alternate calling method in my 
muscle memory.  

Writing new cards and practicing alot made the night a fun time for all.   I 
could go on autopilot and not have to think.  I wish you much success.  

See ya from the floor,


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  I have been asked to call for a new dance group forming in a small town
  near our regular dance. Experienced dancers were asked to come help
  these absolute newbies, and some local musicians have volunteered their
  services. It became obvious that about half the dancers were lesbians
  who asked me to use non gender specific terms when calling. I tried
  'lead' and 'follow' because the syllable numbers worked, but I'm not
  happy with that. I also had some regular dancers comment on not wanting
  to deal with 'some' peoples' political agendas as related to contra
  calling. I have never dealt with gender free calling and would
  appreciate ANY help from those of you who may have been doing it for
  years. What terms seem to work best? Any other hints to make things go
  more smoothly?  These people are very enthusiastic and I want to see
  the dance succeed.
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