[Callers] Telling couples to switch at the end of a contra set

Ron Nelson callerman at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 1 16:43:18 PST 2010

Hi Mark,
One unintended consequence of not covering the end effect on the walk through that happened when I was calling was to have the top couple dash to the bottom of the set to get back into the action.
Ron Nelson
Chula Vista, CA
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> Subject: [Callers] Telling couples to switch at the end of a contra set
> Hey, I was wondering what other callers thought about the following: often, during the walkthrough of the 1st contra dance of the evening, the caller explains that dancers should trade places with their partner whenever they reach the end of the set
> However, I never do this, and have never had a problem as a result -- the experienced dancers in the set, apparently, are able to get the new dancers to do this, and nobody has ever complained to me that I didn't instruct dancers to switch
> I have wondered what others thought about this -- my own thinking is why take time to explain something when it isn't necessary?
> Regards,
> Mark Widmer / central NJ
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