[Callers] Ricochet Hey

John Sweeney info at contrafusion.co.uk
Wed Dec 8 06:49:23 PST 2010

The ones I know are:

Ricochet Hey #1 (no idea who wrote it, sorry)
Contra; Improper

Start in lines of four facing down, #1s in the middle
A1:	Down the Hall in Lines of Four; Turn Alone
	Up the Hall in Lines of Four; #1s face #2s
A2:	Full Hey: normal Hey for #1s; Ricochet Hey for #2s
B1:	Neighbour Balance & Swing
B2:	Long Lines Forward & Back
	#1s Swing - end facing down to pick up next #2s

Rolling Hey (by Charley Harvey)
Contra; Improper

A1:	Circle Left; Neighbor Swing
A2:	Circle Left 3/4; Partner Swing
B1:	Star Right; Ladies' Chain
B2:	Ricochet Hey for all - start with Ladies into the centre on a
slight Right diagonal; push back on a slight Left diagonal, then step to
the right; Men do the same, starting with the step to the right; REPEAT)
- so no-one ever crosses the set during the Hey.
	Ladies keep moving to the right into a new circle.  Men turn to
their left out of the last push into a new circle.

            Happy dancing,

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