[Callers] Teaching a Ricochet Hey

John Sweeney info at contrafusion.co.uk
Tue Dec 7 09:43:13 PST 2010

The key thing for the caller to understand is that when the two dancers
ricochet they take each other's place in the hey, and are now going
This means that they must NOT just bounce back the way they came, or to
a neutral position on their own side - they have to follow the looping
flow of the hey.
I never actually explain that though.  I just tell them to bounce back
at the opposite angle to the way they came in.  Describing it as a
triangle usually helps. And one quick demo usually solves 90% of the
The other 10% of the problems come from people who bounce back and then
stop!  They are still part of the hey and have to keep moving.
So instructions like these sometimes work: "As you come to the middle
you will meet someone on a diagonal; bounce off that person and head
backwards on the other diagonal, then move left* and come in again; you
are going around the same triangle over and over again."
*or right, depends on the dance.
Note: As you bounce you change direction by just under 90 degrees, it is
very easy to let that rotation continue and throw a couple of spins in
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